An EPQ is the type of thing you are so excited to do but once you actually get into it you realise that you’ve just plunged head first into your biggest nightmare and there’s no way out. If you’re in the process of deciding whether you should do an EPQ I’d suggest you read my last post, but if you are one of those people who are already within the maze and now must find your way out…this post is for you!

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EPQ stands for Extended Project Qualification and it’s probably something you’ve heard of a few times if you’re about to start college or sixth form. It is essentially a self-motivated research project that is equivalent to an AS level (and something colleges like to brag about offering). You choose a topic of your choice and you usually propose a question that you’d like to answer within your chosen topic. You can use various different media to answer the question, but the most popular is a 5000 word dissertation alongside a short 10-minute presentation to your peer group. The EPQ is usually optional and if you are one of those students who have been given the luxury to make the decision of whether to take it on for yourselves, get ready to read through my EPQ experience very carefully.

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