In a clinical setting the stethoscope and scrubs are the little problems I’ve had to overcome though and I’m so glad you asked because I have figured out my own little hacks to get round them.

I normally wear a chiffon scarf, which as you’ll know needs a pin to keep it secure. Since the start of medical school I’ve been using a magnetic pin (you can get them from Modanisa) because that makes it so easy to just pull your scarf loose so you can fit the stethoscope into your ears. You can also just bring the stethoscope up your ears and with the earpieces push backwards and that way the magnetic pin will automatically loosen and you’ll be able to fit the stethoscope into your ears. I tend to go for option 2 because that way after you’ve washed your hands you’re not having to touch yourself or anything else before examining the patient.

Over the course of 3rd year I also went and invested on some jersey instant scarves (also from Modanisa) and these have actually been a game-changer! The neck is already sewn up and since the material is stretchy is so easy to slide in and out by pushing the scarf back with the stethoscope. Once you take the stethoscope out you don’t even need to fix anything back up or tighten anything as the sewed neck deals with it all for you. I know I’m really selling these (I’m not sponsored haha), but they’ve transformed the hijabi stethoscope experience for me! Plus they’re so comfy, I went and got an assortment of colours for myself for wear outside the ward too!

In terms of scrubs you can always try them on beforehand to make sure the size you pick is loose and the length that you prefer. Scrubs are generally quite loose fitting so they haven’t been much of a problem for me. Scrub sleeves however, are of course short. Some of my friends wear a T-shirt underneath (which you can roll up when needed), but I don’t like to because it’s often quite warm on the wards. Instead…I use sleeves (again, from Modanisa), super easy to put on and take off. If I’m just walking round the hospital I’ll have the sleeves on, but then if I go into a clinical area, a patient’s bed space I’ll take them off or push them right up under the scrub sleeve.

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