In years 1 and 2 I didn’t live at home. During the week I stayed in Manchester and so had no distractions and was able to completely focus on my studies. Every weekend I went back home and seeing as I had focussed properly during the week I could then afford to relax and enjoy family time then.

My family are quite understanding and very accommodating about leaving me alone to get on with studies. If you’re struggling it might be worth openly discussing with people at home that you’re going to busy revising for an exam or that you want to spend from this time to this time focussing on work so they know not to disturb you. If possible try and study in a room by yourself and set up your own little workspace in your own room – having your own space can really help.

In my third year of medical school I lived at home and commuted to the hospital. Like I mentioned above, my family just leave me alone when I’m studying…however, a lot of the time I end up getting distracted and coming out of my room when I hear them. So…one of the things I’ve noticed have worked for me throughout GCSEs, A-levels and now in uni is working late into the night when I’m home. Everyone in my household will go to bed around 11pm-12am, but I used stay up. And in those hours when I’m the only one awake and the house is completely quiet I find I’m often the most productive. That works well for me because then during the day I can enjoy family time and I know I’ll still spend some hours studying later on.

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