Here’s a link to the file showing a detailed overview of our course structure taken from our online student portal. It can be a little confusing to look at because there’s a lot going on. I’ll briefly talk through first year…

You have an induction week to start with and then 2 weeks of Essential Skills. In Essential Skills you’re introduced to Anatomy, given lectures about how you can learn in medical school and you also have 2 practice PBL scenarios. These practice scenarios are great because you can get used to this new way of learning before you fully dive into the cases. After that you’ll go straight into the cases for the first Semester which’er focussed around Life Cycle: starts with pregnancy, genetic disorders, puberty, then ends with old age. This is quite a nice semester to start with as if gives you an overview of everything before you go and focus on specific systems. After Christmas you’ll have your exams for that Semester before beginning Semester 2.

In first and second year you’ll have some day placements across the semester (though I believe this is now changing for the new cohort due to Covid-19). You attend the placements with your clinical partner or your PBL group so everyone has their placements at different times on different days so that’s why they’re not put in the overview above.

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