Manchester don’t really have a view on part-time jobs that they’ve shared with us as far as I’m aware. I think the general consensus is that you can do it if it’s something that you can manage.

I personally do think a part-time job is manageable during pre-clinical medicine. I tutored part-time for the first 1.5 years of medical school, but I was quit4 strict in making sure I was prioritising medicine over the part-time work. For me that meant only tutoring during the weekends so it didn’t disrupt me during the week and I could focus on my own independent study and work that needed to be done then.

Many students do have a part-time job so it is possible. Whether you choose to get a part-time job it’s completely up to you. You might want to try it out and see how you find it, but make sure you have the flexibility to leave if you find out it’s not working for you.

Here’s a post with top tips if you do decide to work part-time while studying medicine.

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