In clinical settings you have to be bare below the elbow (apart from in a GP setting where it’s not necessary) – that’s something that’s universal across all hospitals and medical schools across the UK.

In Manchester we have 6 hospital visits across the first 2 years. During those visits you’ll have time that you’re practising skills among each other and discussing the purpose of the visit, but then you’ll go out on the ward. When on the ward you’ll be expected to be bare below the elbows.

As well as placements, at Manchester we have weekly communication skills sessions which are held in within a “Communication Skills Learning Centre” (CSLC) which is inside the medical school. The CSLC is designed to look and simulate a clinical setting. So, within these sessions you’ll also be expected to be bare below the elbows, particularly if during that session you’re practising examination skills.

In terms of the hijab draping, that varies depending on which hospital you’re at as different hospitals will have slightly different uniform polices. In year 1 and 2, it only matters in placements and when you’re in CSLC – there aren’t any specific rules but you just need to make sure that it’s fastened in such a way that when you lean over a patient to examine them, your scarf won’t fall on top of them.

Feel free to DM me if you want any further clarification about any specifics.

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