My methods of working completely changed in clinical years. The main big change is that I didn’t make any formal set of notes. Before starting 3rd year I decided that during clinical medicine we’d be learning a lot more about the practical application of medicine so I didn’t want to get all bogged down with trying to create perfect and complete notes, but wanted to shift my focus to actually learning content as I went through it

At Manchester, each week we get given a case (TCD case = Themed Case Discussion) and we get given an online package of resources and lectures to work through relevant to that case. The TCD package essentially has everything you need to know in it, so what I did was work through that and use Quizlet to make a bunch of flashcards for each case. If I ever saw anything linking to the cases on the wards I’d then be able to add in a flashcard to the relevant case like so.

Occasionally, there might have been an area that I thought I could do with a nice visual summary for (i.e. diabetes medications) and for that I made a digital page summary.

And that was pretty much it – my entire learning in clinical years hinged on these 3,000+ flashcards I made.

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