My blog was private when I was as aspiring medic, it wasn’t branded or even called “Life of a Medic” back then. I set it up solely to help me keep track of everything I was doing and encourage me to reflect on experiences and interesting news articles throughout my journey.

You always hear everyone saying for you to keep a work experience diary, so essentially my blog was my online work experience diary. It was an easy way to keep track of all my experiences because I could automatically see the dates I did certain experiences. I used to get picked up from shadowing and just type away my reflections, thoughts on what I saw on the journey home. For me the benefit was all in being able to keep an online portfolio of everything I did which I was then able to read over when writing my personal statement and also before interviews.

Having it in that form also encouraged me to pay attention and think about what was happening around me during my work experience and volunteering because I knew I wanted to write up a long article of thoughts at the end of each day. It also meant any news reading I was actively reflecting on and if any made me think I typed out all my thoughts.

I didn’t use my blog in any part of my application: I didn’t link it anywhere, mention it at interview or anything like that. I don’t know if that would be beneficial because if you added a link to your personal statement I highly doubt the admissions tutors would look at it because a) they simply won’t have time; b) it’s unfair to give one applicant extra space.

If you’re interested in the reflections I wrote as an spiring medic, you can see them all here.

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