I used 3 resources for my UCAT prep:

• ISC medical 1000 UCAT questions book
• UCAT ninja online preparation tool
• Medify online question bank

I used the ISC medical school book first, and tried to answer questions from that by going through it quite meticulously. In hindsight this was quite a waste of time. For the UCAT it’s not your ability to meticulously go through a question that’s important, but rather the speed at which you’re able to go through questions. The ISC book has very difficult questions in it as well, which I felt were much more complex than the questions that you get in the actual UCAT.

I then used UCAT ninja to go through the each of the sections and learn how to approach them. This tool used to be free at the time, I’m not sure if it still is – but regardless, I found that really helpful. They also had a question bank, but I didn’t really use that, instead I used Medify.

Medify was a paid subscription – I bought it for about a month before my test date. This was in my opinion the most helpful form of preparation as it mimicked the actual UCAT test very accurately with the inline interface and the way you could do timed practise. Timed practise is key for the UCAT – you have to practise skim reading and estimating answers under a time pressure.

There are other online question banks out there too, but I didn’t use any others. If you don’t want to pay for questions, a lit of question banks offer a sample selection for free, so you can always use a selection of the free questions from all the different banks out there.

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