Here’s a question I answered about how I approach lectures and make notes from the slides.

Here’s a question I answered about how I worked through a PBL case and made notes on it.

As you’ll see from reading the above, my PBL and lecture notes were all combined in one document and that was so much better for me as I didn’t have to open multiple sets of notes and lecture slides when revising.

At the beginning of first year I used to print out the lecture slides and annotate around them – however, after the first semester I realised I was just wasting huge amounts of paper by doing that since after adding lecture notes to my document I never looked at them again. Annotating by hand also takes a lot longer so I found myself falling a bit behind trying to write things down in the lecture. Since then I’ve just typed notes under each lecture slide. I haven’t tried annotating digitally using an Apple Pencil or anything like that though.

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