Being blunt and honest here – you don’t need to remember any of it. The first 2 years of medical school are there to teach you the basic sciences. Not all applicants will have done all the same Science subjects at A-level, some will have just graduated with a science degree, some in a non-science degree, some will have just done completely different A-levels all together. The point of those first 2 years is to teach you the sciences and bring you all to the same level – so, if you go in knowing nothing you’ll do absolutely fine.

In my experience of medical school to date, A-level content has not been relevant at all. No Chemistry, nothing similar to A-level Maths. The only slight parallel is which A-level biology as you learn about methods of transport, respiration and topics like that. But even then, the level of depth we had to know about respiration was much lower than the level of depth that was required at A-level.

Don’t be worried about forgetting A-level content as that definitely will not set you back at Medical School.

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