To do well in A-level biology you have to focus on first learning all the content really well and then learning to apply it so you can ace those questions. A-level Biology is quite content heavy so for a lot of the “learning phase” you’ll have to rely on a lot of hardcore memorisation.

I didn’t do anything ahead of the lessons so after a Biology lesson I’d then look up the relevant topics in my Biology textbooks and read around it to make sure I had a complete understanding. The textbooks I used were:

If I’m honest I wasn’t a fan of the Collins textbook, but the other 2 were great. I used to add in extra points from these books to my class notes which made them very long. To help me learn it all, I then summarised each topic in A-level Biology down to a single side – this contained all the key points that I actually needed to know so made the memorisation process a whole lot easier. You can get yourself a copy of my Year 1 and Year 2 notes if you feel using my summaries will help you.

After that I went on to use the famous past papers. Past papers are honestly the key do doing well in both GCSEs and A-levels and I’ve summarised My 3 Step A-level Revision Method that I used to make sure I was getting the most out of the past papers I completed.

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