You absolutely can, Medicine is by no means a 24/7 lifestyle. In fact in medical school it’s strongly encouraged to have that balance in order to make sure you don’t burn out. Studying medicine is only part of your life and you still have many hours every single day to get involved in all other things that you want to.

Talking about myself now, I have a lot of extracurricular commitments (this blog being one of them that consumes a lot of my time) and so far I’ve managed fine balancing them all. I know some people who have a part-time job and are able to balance that alongside Medicine and are still able to have free time.

Studying Medicine does take a lot of commitment and dedication but it doesn’t have to take over your life in the slightest. In fact, during my pre-clinical years I actually felt as though I had more free time than when I was doing my A-levels. It’s honestly all about managing your time well so you do have time to do other things.

Being at medical school you will definitely be able to fully experience university life. If you take a look at my first year timetable I had loads of free time in the week. Of course a good portion of that went towards independent study but a huge chunk was also completely free for me to go out, just relax with friends, attend events etc. I don’t think going to medical school has limited my university experience in any way!

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