Studying in medical school is quite different to A-levels and quite often it takes a bit of playing around with different techniques and methods to figure out what works. In years 1 and 2 I used numerous different approaches to learn the content and I changed it up fairly often. The first thing to say is for you to try and go in with quite an open approach because your study methods will probably change a lot as well and it is a bit of learning how to study all over again. Even though I did so many different things I’m still not sure what the perfect method is. I wrote a blog post talking about the different ways I studied and different approaches I tried which you might find a useful read – click here.

Now to talk a little bit more about lectures. Lectures are really important so it is good that you’re giving them some thought. A lot of exam material is actually picked directly out of the lecture slides so they should definitely be a resource that you’re using properly. I used to create a document for each PBL case. I’d use mainly internet resources to go through the case and complete parts of it prior to the lectures. After the lectures I’d then go back to my document and add in anything extra the lectures mention to make sure I had incorporated all the lecture content into my original PBL document. That was really helpful for me because that way I had everything I needed to learn for a particular case all in one place.

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