Absolutely not, pretty much every single medical school applicant will be in the same position as you and it definitely won’t be possible for medical schools to reject every single applicant. In fact, medical schools will be most understanding about the situation you’re in, after all every single medical school in the UK has had to cancel placements for their own students. If we’ve been taken off placements, you all as applicants will certainly not be expected to still have obtained work experience/volunteering.

That being said, there are so many ways you can still enhance your application from being at home. Chances are you’ve already had many experiences which you could easily apply to your application, they don’t have to be extra-ordinary things but even little things you may have got involved in over the recent years, part-time jobs, anything like that. Here are my 6 tips on how to get round not being able to obtain voluntary/work experience.

And here is a master list of work experiences and voluntary opportunities you can involve yourself in from being sat at home!

You can make very good use of this period in lockdown and work on different aspects of your application. Here are 6 things you can be doing now to help with applying.

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