Write Your Personal Statement Using This Planner!

Writing the personal statement for your Medicine application is without a doubt a daunting task. You’re left with such an open avenue, so it’s perfectly understandable that the question most of us ask is Where do I start? Followed by What do I include? How do I write it?

All these are legitimate worries and one that the answer has never been so easy to find. I wrote my personal statement for Medicine last year, which was successful in getting me all 4 of my interviews! Looking back at it now there isn’t much guidance available for writing the personal statement, and as much I’ve searched there are no guides taking you through this process. This is the reason why I developed the Personal Statement Planner!

This printable planner is designed to help you to write the personal statement for your Medicine application. It consists of 10 chronological stages to help you structure and write up a personal statement including all the key attributes admissions tutors look for. This step-by-step guide is the first interactive activity based planner of its kind!

There are numerous tips and suggestions given throughout the planner to help you plan and then write each paragraph at a time. Several activities have been included to help you brainstorm and select the best experiences to aid you in presenting a competitive application.

Some special features:

  • The ultimate checklist of buzzwords
  • Lists of common mistakes to avoid
  • A list of 30+ tricks to shorten your statement
  • Effective reflective structures
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