For A-level Chemistry I didn’t focus too much on learning the ins and outs of specific practical experiments because when I looked at the questions that came up in practice papers it was more based on general technique. Seeing as the questions required you to apply general practical techniques I didn’t think it’d be worth the effort to learn methods for specific experiments.

Instead I focussed on making some short notes on basic practical techniques that would help me with the exam questions. I also made sure to draw out the experimental set up for each type of experiment and practised labelling all the equipment as that’s a common exam question that comes up. I’ve put the notes I made on practical techniques up on my shop. This is all I actually memorised. After that I did tonnes of practice questions and kept repeating them again and again until I was hitting all the points on the mark scheme with each one.

On the topic of A-level Chemistry, you might find my free mechanisms summary helpful.

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